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For those specifications that call for an exterior fire retardant lumber or plywood that will have exposure to the elements or high humidity conditions Flame Safe XT is the product of choice.

In addition to passing the ASTM E84 test for surface burning characteristics, which all exterior fire retardant lumber and plywood bearing a Class I stamp must pass, Flame Safe XT has passed the ASTM D2898 accelerated weathering (rain) test as well.

Flame Safe XT has a clear finish which can be stained with a water based stain or painted with a latex based paint. Flame Safe XT is rot and decay resistant and may be specified with a water repellant is so desired. Applications such as exterior decks, balconies, stairs or siding ar the notable examples of where Flame Safe XT would be the logical choice

FRT plywood


Permanence: Flame Safe's interior fireproof plywood and wood is a permanent guard against the spread of flame

Strength: Flame Safe's aqueous based resin treatment and kiln-drying process strengthens the wood

Hygroscopicity: Flame Safe's treated plywood and wood is no more hygroscopic than untreated wood of any given species

Corrosion: Flame Safe treated plywood and wood does not demonstrate any greater corrosion rate than untreated wood on metal fasteners or hardware

Decorating and Finishing: Flame Safe treated wood surfaces can be stained and painted with ordinary preparation, however avoid using lacquer based stains or varnishes

Field Cuts: Flame Safe treated wood allows the user to re-surface, mill, or rip lumber or plywood provided the exposed surfaces are coated with Flame Safe fire retardant coating (Fire Poly)

Versatility: Flame Safe treated plywood and wood is compatible with most waterborne preservative treatments for lumber, plywood and timber for exterior and in ground use

      Flame Safe Wood Products and Flame Safe Chemical’s fire retardant coatings and fireproof wood products have been tested by accredited third party testing agencies. Flame Safe warrants it’s products to perform as tested and will furnish test reports upon request, in addition to those published on our web site.
      In addition, Flame Safe Chemical manufactures a complete line of fire retardant coatings, fire retardant penetrants and fire retardant sprays that meet or exceed industry’s fireproofing standards. The effectiveness of Flame Safe’s fire retardant products are well documented.
      The uniqueness of Flame Safe’s products are not only their simplicity of application, their low cost, their environmental safeness, their tested, proven certifications, but most importantly they are required by code. Fire codes are written and enforced to save lives and property.
      Uniquely, Flame Safe’s fire retardant spray on coatings and penetrants are easily applied, colorless, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and are aqueous based fire retardants chemicals.
      Flame Safe has both interior and exterior fire protection coatings, penetrants, and fire retardant sprays for wood, wood products, architectural millwork, molding and trim, lumber, plywood, wood shake shingles, timber & timbers, fiberglass and plastic pipe, fabric, theater curtains, drapes, upholstery, mattresses and bedding, canvas, thatch, thatching, tiki huts, paper, cardboard and packaging systems for combustible liquids. The Fire Buster™ is a fire retardant treated fabric available for commercial and residential use.
      Flame Safe is dedicated to setting not merely following the fireproof industry standards through ongoing research development and testing programs. Flame Safe continually endeavors to educate the marketplace on the significance of fireproofing combustible materials through the use of fire retardant products.

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